Coaching is not for you....right?

Have you ever wondered who would truly benefit from financial coaching? When I first began teaching Financial Peace University at my Church, I told my classes that FPU itself gives great financial insight, but it is not going to help those that are in real financial distress. For example, if a couple came to me and asked about a chapter 13 or just could not make their budget work, I would recommend that they call the hotline and speak with a Ramsey Coach. The coaches know what they are doing and have dealt with this kind of stuff over and over again and could surely help them with their issue. I WAS WRONG.....

A financial coach can do so much more! The individual situations above do need special attention from a trained coach, but having a financial coach can bring value through your entire financial journey! How fast can you get $1000 in the bank? How fast can you pay off your debt? What is the best way to build a fully funded emergency fund? What are the right investments that I should talk to my advisor about? What is the right insurance for me? What should I be using to fund my kids future education? How can I pay off my house faster? I need to understand how to lower my taxes and have a better strategy. How do I teach my kids about money? How can I work better with my spouse and get on the same page about finances? I don't have a written will, should I have one? A coach, in a single session, can save you thousands or more and help you plan for successful retirement years.

You might have guessed by now that a Ramsey Coach will not just help in deep financial issues, but will help align your financial strategy. A coach is a guide for your financial tour. When you take a tour, you don't want to wander around following others that don't know the path either. You work too hard for your money to just wander around without a plan.

Are you lost in your tour? Are you ready to move forward with a coach? Let's talk today and see if coaching is right for you. Setup a free 30 minute discovery call:

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