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Ever wonder what it would be like if you won the lottery? All that money at your disposal. Think about it. All the things that you ever wanted could be yours. Right? Well, for myelf I would surely buy a nicer car than my 2007 Ford Focus (my kids keep making fun of and call it a death trap). Maybe a 4X4 truck with big mudding tires on it. Oh and I would get a bigger tv, the newest phone. What about a new house? Would I want to keep working? I mean, being a millionaire, I won't need to work. Maybe, I would go on a shopping spree or take that Hawaiian vacation that has been on my mind. Yeah.. that's it. Yes, life sure would be grand! But wait, I don't play the lottery. You have to play to win.

Do you ever feel that way? Let's discuss wants vs. needs. I want a new car, I want a bigger tv, I want the newest phone, and I want a Hawaiian vacation etc.. . The truth is I don't need any of those. I need food, I need a house, I need clothes. This is the thing that gets us all in trouble. We think we need things, but in reality we want. Look around your house and define what is a need vs. a want. Take your time.

If you can define what you need vs what you want, you will be able to focus your money and align your budget to tackle the debt that has accumulated from all your wants. Society temps us, marketing at the stores, commercials on tv that make you feel good about buying the latest and greatest and making sure you don't miss the biggest sale of the year. Want to try something? Here you go. Remove commercials from your cable subscription, unsubscribe from all the sale alerts in your email, and stay intentional on how you spend your money and ask yourself.. Is this a need or a want? Let's go back to the millionaire question. If you work and understand what you need, pay off all your debt, invest, and live within your means, you will be able to afford all your wants in the future. It's called being content with what you have now. Don't fall for the traps. Stay focused and intentional with your money. Then you won't NEED to work, nor will you HAVE to.

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